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VIDEO – NO HELL NO (release 21.09.2018)

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The eccentric artist Norðir, who grew up in Siberia, is completely devoted to the contradictions of life.
In English, German and Russian, he reflects on paradoxical topics from different perspectives and encourages reflection. Musically, Norðir masters a balancing act of irresistible pop sophistication and dreamy electronic-psychedelic landscapes.

Distinctive features of Norðir’s captivating liveperformance are the division into 3 chapters according to languages ​​and the creative use of projections and audio effects.

Norðir has already shared the stage with artists such as Get Well Soon, Kilez More, Zoot Woman and Sun Pilots solo and with his Band „Rigna Folk“, and with his projects he has been a prizewinner of the German Rock and Pop Award.

In the run-up to the release of his debut album „Trilingualism“, which will be released on March 15, 2018, Norðir plays concerts in Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland and releases a range of singles.



TOUR 2018 /2019 ::
28.09. DE-Aalen / Frapé
30.09. CH-Baden / Club Joy Grand Casino
02.10. DE-München / Lost Weekend
05.10. DE-Kirchheim / ClubBastion + Rigna Folk
09.10. DE-Schwäbisch Gmünd / Leuchtturm
02.11. CZ-Prague / Pyratpivnice
04.11. CZ-Prague / Žižkovšiška
16.11. DE-Ulm / Studentencafe
27.11. DE-Göppingen / Radiobühne Weltweit
11.12. DE-Stuttgart / Rosenau
12.12. DE-Tübingen / Sudhaus
18.12. DE-Waiblingen / Kulturhaus Schwanen
26.01. CH-Zürich / Big Ben Westside
06.03. DE-Asperg / Glasperlenspiel
16.03. DE-Saarbrücken / Blau

NEW SINGLE „NO HELL NO“ (Release 21.09.18) ::
In the song „No Hell No“ Norðir reflects on the topics xenophobia and national identity.
The song argues the decision not to hate anyone you do not know or understand yet. It raises the question of what would have happened if one had been born in another place in the world and where the feeling of hate towards the unknown comes from.


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